Policy Page

Last updated: 9 Aug 2023

I. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Statement

At Queerly Qualified, our heartbeat is diversity that dazzles; equity that empowers; and inclusion that inspires. We're not just talking the talk—we’re walking in every color of the rainbow! Our DEI commitment isn't limited to one area—it pulses through membership perks, programming pizzazz, partnerships with purpose, and leadership with love.

We pledge to:

  1. Celebrate each member's unique sparkle.
  2. Open doors wide for equal opportunities—no VIP lists here!
  3. Nurture an empathetic vibe where everyone feels like they belong.
  4. Keep growing because perfection is so last season—we aim for progress!

II. Anti-Harassment Policy

Queerly Qualified stands strong as a no-harassment zone—for realizes! It doesn’t matter who you are or whom you love; we’ve got zero tolerance for any behavior that makes anyone feel less than fabulous.

Harassing behaviors? They include—but aren’t welcome—offensive comments based on identity markers from A-Z or anything else uncool like stalking or unwanted contact.

If someone forgets their manners:

  1. We’ll remind them nicely once.
  2. If they don't catch on: Bye Felicia! 🚫

Spot trouble brewing? Holla at us pronto – we’ve got your back!

III. Privacy Policy

Your secrets are safe with us—at Queerly Qualified privacy isn't just policy; it’s personal.

Here's what goes down in Data Town:

A) Collecting deets—from names to business info when needed

B) Using said deets—to keep things running smoother than a drag queen’s contour

C) Sharing gossip—not without permission unless Mr./Ms./Mx Law says so

D) Keeping stuff secure—with some serious digital locks

Do you have questions about this whole privacy shindig? Shoot us an email here.

IV Liability & Disclaimer

Let's be clear—as much as we adore accuracy and reliability within our platform content/services/graphics/etc., sometimes life happens (tech glitches too). So while using our fab space remember: You do you boo—and use responsibly 😉

And if something does go sideways legally speaking... well let’s hope it never comes down to liability limbo dance-offs between users/platform/third parties involved 😅

V Terms & Conditions
By strutting into QueerlyQualified.io territory—you agree by default not only to look fierce but also to play nice according to our rules set out under the T&C section which keeps everything moving around these parts ✨📜✨